Making the sailing world more sustainable by the largest sail cleanup in the world!


The sailing industry has a huge ecological footprint using big plants, lots of chemicals and recycling is not part of the business model. We have gathered and still gathering in-depth knowlegde on how we can change this for the future of our planet.


Don’t leave old sails for trash. It has value to other sailors and for our partners. It can be part of a new lifecycle. Help us to reduce the carbon footprint of the sailing industry for a better planet. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible to buy or sell a used sail.


We offer amazing looking
up-cycled products produced by Resail and our partners on our webshop and through retail outlets. These products are made with the highest quality standards and lowest environmental impact.

Resail sailcloth

At ReSail

We develop knowledge and scale the re-distribution of used sails for up-cyling or recycling into yarns or products to reduce 50% of green house gases by 2030 towards net zero emission in the sailing industry.

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What is our goal?

By 2030 to collect 90% of old sails through existing networks. Take care of up-cycling or recycling and give the sail materials new purpose. With that accomplish a zero emission impact of green house gases.

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Fair wages, minimizing transport and safe working environments are an integral part of our and our partners operations. We research, inspire and work with our partners to achieve new solutions

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There is always a second life for sails!