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  • Are OLD sails interesting for humanitarian relief shelters?

    Are OLD sails interesting for humanitarian relief shelters?

    With tragic events in Morocco and Turkey in mind, the question has been raised by many sailors whether old sails can be used for relief shelters? Although some initiatives have been tried, like Doyle Sails donate your sails, the answer is: probably not! Relief organisations are in need of large quantities of easy to set up tents…

  • Upcycling, Bags, Bags, Bags or?

    Upcycling, Bags, Bags, Bags or?

    Upcycling of sails has been started by various sailmakers back in the 90’s. The offering usually includes a variety of bags but also deck chairs, lamps and clothing are produced. Some initiatives have been successfully upscaled into supplying very nice products to retailers in the US and EU. Resail® has taken a different approach to upcycling:…

  • Recycling of sails (update 2023)

    Recycling of sails (update 2023)

    Recent (2023) publications across Europe are very promising. For carbon reinforced sails The University of Bristol (Bristol Composites Institute) has defined a recycling pathway for the recovery of EOL (End of Life) 3Di sails. Carbon Fiber is reclaimed via a superheated steam pressure/ swing process. Full details can be found at: For coated sails (polyester)…