Second Hand Sails: Ticket to Affordable High Seas Adventure

Second Hand Sails

Rarely, a listing on a brokerage of a vessel explicitly says the need for “work will be required. ” Buyers could turn off the buyer immediately after their first meeting if they do not know the full cost to bring the second hand sails into service. Expert brokerage Alex Grabau says that this is one reason lots of great prospects remain unnoticed. Like any professional expert would predict at that stage of the vessel’s life, a well-built yacht usually needs maintenance after 12 years.

How Much Does Second Hand Sails Cost?

Although prices vary based on dimensions, materials, and the condition of the sail, you could anticipate paying less for the new set of custom sails. In one instance, we paid $5,000 (a significant part of our budget for cruising) for a new main and genoa while we were getting ready to explore the blue waters aboard the Dufour 35. The same set of sails that were used and in good state cost me $1200 when I compared them recently. Saving 76!

The Value and Its Worth

Owners of genoa and main sails may not be able to afford to themselves However, these aren’t always massive amounts of money about the value of the boat. Perhaps a new rigging or an overhaul of the power system. Items that, with minimal effort, are precisely estimated by a reputable boatyard and repaired fairly promptly after purchasing.

The problem lies in the fact that most clients give up before reaching this point because they are scared off by the project’s unexpected cost, even though it is an easy problem to solve. In some cases, especially when the vessel is scarce or designed for higher altitudes.

There is a chance that the market will be limited buyers may not have a choice but to think about yachts that will need to be modified to satisfy their needs. When this happens, having an educated plan that includes realistic estimations can turn something that you might not consider to be an exciting possibility, and the possibility of making it your own.”

Are Second Hand Sails a Wise Long-term Investment?

It is possible to ask if an old sailboat sail can cost you less in time. In the end, second hand sails that are used have been “used” and probably do not have the same life remaining. As sails get older as they age, they lose their structural and physical shape. They begin to stretch, which makes the sails less efficient and reduces their efficiency. Additionally, they are more susceptible to tears as they degrade.

Imagine spending $1200 on old sails that will only last just one season. It would be more comfortable to spend $5,000 on brand-new sails that can last longer than 10 years (i.e. 500 dollars for each season).

When you’re looking for second hand sails, It is important to examine how the sails you purchase are evaluated. The majority of sail brokers use rating systems that define their sails as ranging between “Like brand new” up to “Good” and “Useable”. The rankings may differ between brokers. To determine the extent to which my set of sails worth $1,200 is rated “good” remains an excellent value Let’s take a close at it.

The Atlantic Sail Trader’s sail ranking system for an example.

  • Fair 45-50% of your life left
  • Excellent – 70-80 percent of the time left
  • Excellent – more than 90% of your life remaining

My sails were $5,500 brand new (with 100% life left) You’d expect that the “good” set that has 75% of life remaining cost around $3,750. In reality, they were sold for just $1,200.

How About The Way It Was Performed?

According to our experiences, the new sails are pleasant to own but they do not necessarily change the course of your life. They improved the sailing capabilities of our boat by allowing us to reorient our sails a bit higher, and get just a little bit greater speed on the water.

The degree to which this is important to you depends on what type of sailing that you’re engaged in. If you’re an avid racer the new sails you purchase could be crucial, giving you the edge you need to win. If you’re on a weekend cruise, likely, they won’t likely make an impact, perhaps making it easier to get there 15 minutes sooner on an hour-long sail.

If you’re considering bluewater cruising. It’s possible to purchase a new sail, just like we did because we did not want to be confronted with the task of replacing the sails midway through the trip. The budget could determine the final decision with a 50 to 80 savings of a percentage isn’t anything to be sneezed at.

How Can You Find Used Sails?

Before you begin the process of searching it is important to understand the fundamentals of the things you’re looking for. It’s crucial to be aware of:

  1. What kind of sail and the features you’re seeking?
  2. The most important rig measurement for your sailboat
  3. How to find second hand sails (e.g. the online marketplaces or sail brokers)

Maintaining Sails

For second hand sails to endure longer and be in their top form when on the water maintenance is required. For starters, make sure that the sails receive a regular cleaning to eliminate all salt, dirt or any other accumulation that could be caused by usage. 

Every time you go out inspect the sails for damage and wear with particular focus on areas of high stress, such as the seams, corners, and corners. For the sake of preventing the damage from becoming more severe as time passes, correct immediately. 

Sails that have been used shouldn’t be folded up or stretched too far since this may reduce the strength of the fabric and impact the integrity of the sails. Instead, keep them in an air-conditioned dry place far from direct sunlight. and then flake or roll them loosely.


For those who want to improve their equipment without spending a fortune the second hand sails offer the most affordable and sustainable choice. There are sails which are high-quality as well as green, provided you take into account factors like compatibility, condition, and the reputation of the seller. 

A purchase made from used products could save money and help encourage the reuse of resources as well as waste reduction. It’s an environmentally friendly method of sailing. Therefore, the next time you’re looking to buy new boat sails you should consider exploring the alternatives that are used, you may have the right sail to enhance your sailing.

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